New Novussi Polypropylene Range

Take A Look At The New Polypropylene Chair Range! We have a range of 5 new polypropylene chairs that have come straight out of Turkey all with a 5 year commercial warranty. Each chair comes in a range of different colours including some beautiful contemporary pastel shades. The polypropylene is injected with glass-fiber for extra strength, hence it holds a static load of 250kg as well as being UV-treated and weather-resistant.

When the going gets tough, surround yourself with smarter people!

These days, survival in the hospitality industry is all about upskilling your business. Not just by investing in improving your own capabilities and knowledge, but by recruiting smarter managers to complement your strengths and help grow your restaurant, café or bar. I think we all know that there’s a vast difference between those who just ‘fell’ into the job of manager, and those who recognise and pursue it as a career choice. Let’s take Jim and Mandy as an example.  

Own A Cafe, And Wondering If Work-Life Balance Is Even Possible?


Own a café, and wondering if work-life balance is even possible?

  The good news is yes.   Just because weekend nights are the busiest of the week, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on having a life. And in fact, achieving that ideal balance is better for your business long-term. Sure, you may never have as many free hours as your friends who work in a 9-5 industry. But there are more options available than ever before to take some of the stress off your shoulders. You can claw back some family-time and social life. But the changes start with you and how you run your business.      

Google My Business – your new (not-so) secret weapon!

Not to be confused with Google Plus, Google My Business (or GMB for short) is an online listing for businesses. With GMB, potential customers can find your business online within seconds! Check it out. Just enter your business name into the Google search bar (e.g. Bella Café, Melbourne) and see what pops up. There should be a highlighted list of names, venue descriptions, locations, a map and customer ratings. So, is your business there? If not, why not? Being listed on GMB is a prime opportunity to attract new customers. And GMB is not only FREE, but you can control what shows up on it. You can write your own description and even add venue or food photos. Even if your business listing is showing up, how good does it look? Be objective. Can...

Our 7 top tips for getting Instagram working for your restaurant

We live in a world that’s crazy about sharing our photos, videos and stories. And Instagram is perhaps the world’s leading social networking app for doing just that, directly from your smartphone. It probably comes as no surprise to you that photos of food and social activities consistently rank in the top 10 most popular Instagram genres. The smartphone has become a table accessory for today’s customer, and it’s here to stay. So why not use it – and Instagram - to your advantage? Instagrammers love user-generated photos. And so should you. Your customers’ enthusiasm for visually documenting their experience at your business is a great source of free, spontaneous and credible advertising. Want to know how to use this to your advantage?  

The 3 secrets behind turning a sad restaurant into a successful one

We all know that the hospitality industry is tough, fickle and highly competitive. Staying cash-positive, let alone becoming wildly successful, is a challenge and means keeping a close eye on everything you do. I recently chatted to a client who is one of Melbourne’s top restaurateurs. He already owns five extremely popular venues, and is planning to expand even more. I asked him how he does it - what’s the secret behind his success in turning failing establishments into highly profitable businesses? While in hindsight his answers may seem obvious, it’s surprising how often the basics are overlooked. So, let’s get started:

How to Stay in the Black in the Restaurant Business

What Snacking Tells Us About Future Flavours

Australians are On Fire for Food in 2016

6 Tips To Starting A Booming Restaurant Business

Nearly half of all restaurant employees tell us that they like the idea of running a restaurant of their own someday. Considering that half of the adult population in Australia has worked in a restaurant at one point or another during their life, it is obvious that success in the restaurant business is an incredibly common goal.

What 2015’s F&B Trends are Forecasting for 2016 and Beyond

2016 is poised to be one of the most exciting years yet for the ever-changing food and beverage industry. In a sphere long governed by cost, convenience and carbs, suddenly the three Cs are no longer at the top of most diners' lists. What has toppled them from the top three slots? Surprisingly, the new winners are sustainable business practices, safe natural ingredients and honest-to-goodness all-day nourishment - packed into tasty snack-sized portions.

10 Top Ingredients For Restaurant Success

Being successful in the restaurant business can be a challenge. More than 90% of people who open restaurants fail within the first three years. It takes more than a just a good cook. In order to succeed, owners must be able to do a number of things well. Here are ten ingredients experienced restaurant owners say helped make their restaurants successful.

The New Face of Restaurants

As the economy and the attitudes of today's diners evolve, many restaurants are finding it harder and harder to flourish using the time-worn techniques that worked for our parents' favourite eateries. The general attitudes toward "junk food" have put pressure on burger joints and fast food chains, while the friendly neighbourhood diners and local destinations have had their market share eaten into by new, niche restaurants and the rise of food trucks. There is still success to be found, however, if the modern restaurateur is willing to rethink their strategy.

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