12 Tips to Maximize Profit on Busy Days

As the busy 2015 holiday season hits, you may be concerned about preparing both your business and your employees for the rush. Here are a few simple tips that will make it much easier for you to maximize your profit throughout your busiest business days.

1. Set a game plan.

Before the busy days come up, isolate any particular pressure points and issues and prep your team.

2. Assign responsibilities.

Everyone should know exactly what they are supposed to do. If someone usually does two tasks (such as waiters who also bus tables), you should separate these tasks for the night.

3. Simplify your offerings.

Retail outlets should push consumers to items that are easy to sell, restaurants should create a specific menu for the event.

4. Fine tune your payment options.

Cash is the most difficult during busy times and it’s easy for your cashiers to make mistakes. Offer as many payment options as you can.

5. Have helpers.

Dedicate at least one or two staff members to helping out your employees when they get stuck or overwhelmed. It will happen occasionally no matter how good your employees are.

6. Layout your area.

Clean up any clutter and maximize the efficiency of your space. This will avoid any potential accidents or other problems. Try to identify any choke points, such as areas that could clog up with customers. In stores, this may be narrow aisles. In restaurants, this could be the areas next to bathrooms.

7. Deal with any tech issues in advance.

Has your point-of-sale system been asking you to update it for the past month? Now is the time; you can’t risk any delays or any system failures.

8. Run a drill.

Get your employees to practice their tasks at least once or twice before the actual event. This will show you any problems that you might not have necessarily thought of. Take notes and make sure that each issue is addressed.

9. Give yourself enough time.

Remember that you’re probably not going to be out of the store by the time you normally are; you’re going to need to stay late and you’ll probably need to ask your team to stay late, too. Make sure that this is clarified so there isn’t any confusion later on.

10. Promote your best staff members.

If you have real go-getters on your team, make sure that they’re scheduled on the busy days. Don’t be afraid to pay them a little more to take charge, whether it’s temporary or a permanent position shift. You need the best staff members by your side for the hardest days.

11. Build a code.

There are certain issues that can come up, such as a complaining customer. Create codes so that your employees can quickly state that there is an emergency that needs to be attended to; this will save a great deal of time.

12. Get everyone on the same page.

The most disastrous thing that can occur on a busy day is to have everyone confused. Make sure to consolidate any important information, such as events and other important information.

With the above tips, you should be able to successfully make it through your busy days while generating as much revenue as possible!


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