How Content Marketing is a Recipe for Success

Whether you own a five-star restaurant, the local bar or a cosy café, you got into business because you wanted to provide people with delicious food and a certain type of atmosphere to enjoy it in. When you market your business to hungry people, you need to deliver the same sort of thing, but instead of delicious food, you need to provide the right type of information and entertainment to catch their attention and convince them to eat at your establishment. One of the best ways to do this is by creating content using the same characteristics as you use when you create a great meal.

How Music Can Impact Your Customers’ Spending

Owners of hospitality venues spend a lot of time and money setting their venues up with the right aesthetics, beer systems and wine inventory. This is all done with an aim to getting the perfect finished product; however, one element that is often forgotten is the music.

Factors to Consider When Opening a Restaurant with a Limited Budget

Calculating the costs to open a restaurant can be a process that can cause even the heartiest eaters to lose their appetites. While it is not easy to open a restaurant on a shoestring budget, restaurant owners should know that it will take a creative mind and a willingness to go without extras in order to keep costs at a bare minimum. Most important, restaurant owners should remember that all other elements of a restaurant environment should be secondary to the food, which is the ultimate factor in determining whether a new customer will become a regular customer.

12 Tips to Maximize Profit on Busy Days

As the busy 2015 holiday season hits, you may be concerned about preparing both your business and your employees for the rush. Here are a few simple tips that will make it much easier for you to maximize your profit throughout your busiest business days.

Top 10 Must-Have People in a Restaurateur’s Inner Circle

Running your own restaurant can be difficult, and not just because of the physical work involved. With all of the different hats you need to wear as a restaurateur, you need knowledge and experience that can take years to develop. By having the ten people below in your inner circle, you can get access to the knowledge you need to build success quickly.

7 Tips To Increase Your Customer’s Average Spend

If you have not taken the time to calculate your business's actual total sales per customer figure, you are not alone. Many business owners and managers will estimate this figure roughly, and they may attempt to boost the figure through various efforts, but in many cases, this estimation is far from accurate or complete. The figure for total sales per customer is crucial if you want to track and ultimately boost your income potential. After all, it may be more effective to boost your sales per customer than to attempt to get more customers through your door. If you want to boost your customer's average spend, there are a few tips that you can follow to accomplish your goals.

Cutting Down on Food Costs

Controlling food costs is a very big part of being part of the food industry. It's a difficult task, and is often time-consuming. However, controlling the cost of food can make or break a business, so it's not a task which can be neglected. Optimally, food will make up for 28% or less of expenses. Here are some tips to help you bring your ingredient expenses to this level.

8 Tips To Get More Customers In 2015

If you want to enjoy all of the business opportunities that the rest of 2015 has to offer, then you need to take some steps to ensure that your business is competitive during the potentially busiest time of year, leading up to the holiday period. To help you really enjoy this period, here are eight tips to get more customers in 2015.

10 of the Best Tips to Opening a Successful Café

Successfully launching a new business in the restaurant industry can be tough. This is even the case for simple cafés that focus on serving patrons coffee and light sandwiches and snacks. It requires a large upfront investment, continual cash flow and ridiculous work hours just to get the business up off of the ground. However, there are tips you can learn from those that have launched successful cafés.  

How the Experts Use Social Media to Grow Their Restaurant Business

You’ve turned around the open sign, flipped on the lights, and customers are starting to trickle in. A trickle isn’t quite what you are looking for. How do you turn that trickle into a flow? Turn to social media. Take the time to get to figure out the type of clientele you wish to attract, and then use the following tools to grow your small business into the town’s most booming establishment.

Is it time for a second location?

One of the primary goals of many successful small businesses is to expand with a second location. However, opening another store does not guarantee an increase in revenue, even if the first one is a major success. Below are some important factors to consider before committing to a second location.

Top 6 factors in determining F&B pricing for bars

If food and beverages are your main money makers, competitive pricing is imperative. You want to make the price appealing to customers so that they are enticed to give your products a try. In addition to attractive price points, you can take advantage of happy hours and special events to get more customers. That being said, it is important to keep your bottom line in mind. You don't want to price your food and beverages at a point where you are not making money. There are a few things to consider when creating a price structure.

Determining the ROI on Your Marketing Investment

One of the most important parts of running a business, be it a bar or restaurant, is getting people in the door. To attract potential customers, you'll need to spend some money on marketing. Marketing helps to expose your business to a larger audience, ultimately enticing them to spend money. That being said, it is important to understand the effectiveness of marketing efforts to determine what to spend. Ultimately, you'll want to look at your return on investment, or ROI. You'll want to look at the amount of customers you are getting and the revenue you are earning, among other things, to better understand how your marketing campaign is working. There are a number of ways to track your ROI on marketing.

How to Hire the Right Person for the Right Job

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