Should Restaurants Be on Social Media?

Not all restaurants need to have a social media presence. While it can certainly help certain types of restaurants bring in customers and alert people about special deals and offerings, sometimes a more upscale restaurant may do better by avoiding social media altogether. Other restaurants that cater to an older customer may also find that the effort put into social media isn't worthwhile. The answer to whether to include social media or target other avenues is something that is very specific and dependent on your customer base and goals.

15 Top Tips for Hospitality Start-Ups

Venturing into the realm of restaurant businesses, hotel services and the like provides owners with the opportunity to see their dreams come into manifestation while entertaining the needs of diverse populations. An open-mind and strong business skills are key, but those tools are not the only ones necessary for a successful endeavour. 

The 13 Secrets to a Successful Cafe

Running a successful cafe can be rather difficult. As is the case with most restaurant startups, the key to making it work usually involves determination, experience, luck, or some combination thereof. "Successful," in this case, means a reasonable degree of financial stability for the establishment itself and an appropriate return on investment for the owner.

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