There are some great copies out there, but there is only ONE real Siesta Air Chair. Whilst the copies look great straight out of the box, unfortunately, the shiny starts to wear, right from day one. We have seen this happen too many times, so we wanted to help you guys make the right decision.

Is the Air Chair Copy UV Stable?

The Siesta Air Chair is a sturdy, attractive chair that comes in many bright and cheerful colours. In fact, one of its resounding features is the colour range that it comes in. Wouldn’t it be a shame if those colours didn’t last?

In the Australian sun, chair colourings can fade, but the Siesta Air Chair is built to be UV stable and weather resistant. The colours of the Air Chair shouldn’t fade in the sun, however the fake versions of the chair most certainly will fade when left outside in the sun. Although they claim to be UV stable, we have proven this wrong with a 6 month fade test.

See below the images of the chairs left in the sun. The copies faded extraordinarily whilst the Siesta chairs maintained their vibrancy. You decide – do you want faded chairs in 6 months, or would you rather keep the cheerful atmosphere for years to come?

Is the Air Chair Copy as easy to clean as the Original Air Chair?

But colourings aren’t the only thing the copies got wrong. The classic criss-cross net design of the air chair is what makes the chair so distinctive. However, when the copy was being made, they didn’t look at the Siesta chair properly. Running down the edges of the chair, Siesta removed the small spaces to make cleaning and hygiene easier to keep. The chair copy doesn’t have these gaps filled in.

Is the Air Chair Copy as strong as the Original Air Chair?

Not only do the above-mentioned filled in gaps make cleaning easier, they are also a strengthening asset to the Siesta chair – have a look below.

Another strength failing of the copy is the area of the lower bend at the back. The Siesta original has 18mm thick Polypropylene supporting the back, whilst the cheaper copy has only 8mm.

Something else to think about is that the copy doesn’t have a production stamp or isn’t able to be traced back to its manufacturer – which is often a requirement for warranty purposes. We can always guarantee the Siesta Air Chair.

We won’t tell you which chair you should buy – that is your decision. We know which chair we would recommend though…

All the best with your decision making!