Same passionate people. Same great service. Seasoned with a bold new flavour.

If you asked any of our team members to describe what we do at Adage Furniture, not one person would say we’re just a furniture supplier. Sure, providing hospitality venues with the furniture they need is one part of our service, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

What we do is so much more than setting up tables and chairs. When we enter your empty venue for the first time, we’re looking for ways to create a sense of atmosphere to help you bring your vision to life. For us, it’s all about turning your space into a vibrant, happy place where people can come together to eat, drink and enjoy themselves.

Those who have engaged with us before will know what it’s like to work with our close-knit team, but we realised our brand wasn’t communicating the experience we provide. As it was, our brand was only expressing a fraction of who we are and what we do. You could say it was missing a few key ingredients, but ultimately, it wasn’t able to convey what matters to us the most.

Everything we do comes back to people. We wouldn’t be the company we are today without each and every member of our passionate team. To complete our story, we needed to bottle the essence of our personalities, and portray these qualities through our brand.

What you see here is the new and improved version of us. We’re still the same Adage Furniture you know and love, only with a new look and feel that speaks to the heart of who we really are. Our new brand marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

How We Got Here

It’s been quite a journey since we first opened our doors back in 2003. What started out as one man with a taste for hospitality has since grown into a thriving family owned and operated business.

Every step of the way, we’ve continued to raise the bar. Driven to constantly find better ways to serve our customers, we believe our desire to always do our best is what has led us from our strength to strength.

A few years ago, we decided to build on this momentum, taking the opportunity to expand our operations. We set up a new division in Melbourne known as Core Hospitality, and began to help even more bars, cafés and restaurants.

While establishing a second business on the east coast was an awesome achievement, having two separate companies in two different locations each providing the same service definitely came with its challenges. It soon became clear to us that we would need to unify the two brands in order to move forward as one.

The Future of Adage Furniture

As Adage Furniture and Core Hospitality come together under one new brand, our team now feels stronger than ever. We’ve always been super easy to work with and quick to bring visions to life, but by streamlining the way we work internally, we’re now able to take things up another notch to deliver an even better service.

With the launch of our new brand, we’re in the perfect position to continue to expand Adage Furniture across Australia.

Our Bold New Look

So much thought has gone into refining every detail of our new look and feel.

Our old turquoise colour has been freshened up with a softer shade of green that promotes warmth, happiness and an easy-going approach.

While our original website was heavily product focussed, our new site uses a far more creative and minimalistic design. It’s clean, simple and modern, just like our processes.

We’ve also added an accent over the second letter ‘a’ in Adage to help clarify the pronunciation of our name. Much like how people either choose to say ‘Tar-get’ or ‘Tar-jay’, we’ve had a few interpretations of our name, and as we enter our next phase, we want to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Instead of simmering just below the surface, our personality is now infused into every part of our brand. We haven’t changed who we are, we’ve simply found a more effective way to express ourselves and communicate our story.

Our Commitment to You

Over the years, we’ve always gone above and beyond to make sure you get everything you need from us and more. Now, we’re taking what we do to the next level. As we continue to grow, we will do whatever it takes to help every bar, café and restaurant in every part of Australia. We’re ready to start spreading our love for what we do across every corner of the country.

This is the new and improved Adage Furniture, and we’re here to provide our customers with zero unhappy experiences, now and always.