What are the Outdoor Dining Grants in Victoria?

It’s a great time for Victorian hospitality as the government is offering grants of $5000 to eligible businesses to move their dining outdoors. As the temperature grows and Summer rolls across the southern hemisphere, the timing couldn’t be better. Go ahead and apply for a grant, and then you’re back in business in the outdoor dining game!

Am I eligible for the Grants?

Do you operate from commercial premises inside Victoria (exceptions in the City of Melbourne)? If you answered yes, then short answer is YES! You can apply! Give it a go, its really quite easy. Apply today and let us know how you go!

Click here to apply

Worried about the rules and regs surrounding the application? Not a problem! We have them right here for you.

What can I spend my Grant funds on?

OUTDOOR DINING! New tables and chairs, umbrellas, safety barriers etc. We aren’t being too biased, but our outdoor furniture is on point! Have you seen our range? It is what you’re looking for.