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With Perth’s beautiful weather for most of the year, many cafes and restaurants offer alfresco dining, with outdoor seating to make the most of the beautiful climate.

Perth cafe furniture has to be both stylish, and very durable due to Perth's extreme heat and wind. Even mild weather will wear on outdoor furniture over time, and with Perth's temperate climate, special attention has to be paid when deciding on what type of outdoor cafe chairs to be used.


Let us take a look at some different materials used, and their pros and cons when it comes to outdoor use.

Cafe Chairs That Work Best

Metal Cafe Chairs

metal cafe chair

Metal cafe chairs can provide a more fun and funky kind of atmosphere. While wood tends to be a little more traditional, metal is modern. Metal tends to be very durable and withstands a great deal of wear and tear. The problems can arise if cheap metal is used, because those can rust over time. Protective coats are available for metal and certain variations of metal are not so prone to rusting.

But metal chairs are a lot more prone to withstanding stains, whereas moisture can seep into wood and it can easily get ruined by a spilled drink. Bright coloured metal chairs can add a little extra flair to an outdoor cafe that makes the most of Perth's beautiful climate.

Plastic Cafe Chairs

plastic cafe chair

The variety of plastic materials available make these chairs the most popular for outdoor use. Plastic will withstand exposure to water and is extremely durable. Although they do not necessarily hold the same class as wood or the same modern look as metal, they do provide a wider range of choices. Different shapes, colours and designs are all available and can fit with any style of cafe.

They also can be left outside or brought inside to accommodate to any kind of weather. Just like metal chairs, plastic cafe chairs can provide a fun and funky look and are also great for kids. With the hustle and bustle of the restaurant life, kid-friendly chairs that are not easily damaged can be a lifesaver.

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