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Perth is one of the greatest cities in the world and Australia’s shining jewel, so is it any wonder that this WA (Western Australia) capital boasts some of the best cafes around today? Aside from the great food and service, you can also find stylish cafe tables, cafe chairs, cafe table bases, and generally outstanding cafe furniture all around in most Perth cafes.

Cafe furniture can be found for sale almost anywhere you look: from online stores, to physical locations. But when deciding on cafe tables for a Perth cafe, special consideration should be made as to its material and whether it will be used indoors, outdoors, or both.

Due to Perth’s unique weather patterns and climate, which boasts of extreme hot and wet seasons, outdoor tables should be particularly durable. So let us take a look at what kind of tables can be used in Perth cafes.

Plastic Cafe Tables

Plastics come in all shapes, sizes, and strengths these days, and can be an ideal material for outdoor cafe tables. They are much more durable than wood in dealing with Perth’s extreme weather conditions, and can be found in many stylish designs that can add character to any cafe. They are not only for outdoor use either. Many cafes use tables made up of plastic for their indoor use also.

A plastic cafe table and accompanying furniture can give a relaxed and fun vibe to the inside of a cafe. They can also serve as dual purpose furniture, allowing for a matched indoor and outdoor set that can be rotated out so that the tables are not constantly exposed to the harsh elements.

Metal Cafe Tables

Metal cafe tables can provide a sturdy and elegant look. They can be used indoors with no problems at all. But depending on their design and material, some may eventually rust if used as outdoor cafe tables. If a rust proof metal is used, it can be ideal for outdoor use and provide a classic style to really make a cafe shine.

Perth is a special city, and the cafes there use unique and stylish cafe tables that are mostly both durable strong and aesthetically pleasing. Such furniture are appropriate as Perth is a great looking and strong city in its own right.

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