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If you’re in the process of choosing commercial furniture in Perth or Adelaide, you really should take some time to ensure you’re getting the right furnishings to suit your exact needs.

Hospitality furniture can be quite specific in style and design. This is especially true for cafes, restaurants, hotels, and bars. Sourcing a reliable wholesaler that is able to supply a wide range of furnishings designed specifically to suit the hospitality industry can be crucial.

Patrons of any cafe or restaurant need to be seated comfortably during their meal. They also need sufficient space on the table to ensure there is plenty of room for the number of diners present. These things can dictate what shape, size, and style of table you will need, along with how many tables can fit into the space available.

Catering Furniture

Commercial furniture designed for the catering industry or for large-scale use, such as providing for functions or events, won’t necessarily be restricted by style or design. Instead, it comes down to durability and functionality.

Any furnishings designed for frequent and heavy use need to be constructed from extremely durable material. Ideally, dense polycarbonate plastic or reinforced polypropylene can be used, along with legs and chair frames made from either aluminium or stainless steel. The right materials can prolong the lifespan of individual pieces, making them less likely to need immediate replacement. They also make the pieces more cost effective in the long run.

Adage Furniture specialises in supplying a vast range of high-quality commercial furniture designed to suit the hospitality industry. We stock a large quantity of styles and designs, so delivery is fast and efficient. Ask us for free, no-obligation quote at the most competitive prices on your furniture requirements today.

Indoor Commercial Furniture

Choosing commercial furniture for indoor use isn’t just about finding tables and chairs to place in an establishment. The decor and theme of the business need to be accounted for as well. This can mean deciding on particular colours and shapes of individual tables and chairs that will complement the overall theme. Some commercial establishments opt for the more social seating choice of arm chairs and sofas. This can create a more relaxed atmosphere for patrons to enjoy, especially in a hotel or bar.

Outdoor Commercial Furniture

Changes in the smoking laws across WA and SA have led many establishment owners to embrace the concept of outdoor areas in and around their premises. This may be for al fresco dining, for customers to enjoy the glorious Australian climate, but it also applies to hotel owners with a need to supply outdoor “beer garden” areas for those patrons who do wish to smoke.

Outdoor chairs and tables need to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements during any season. They also need to be functional. Patrons do need to use this furniture, so they need to provide a level of comfort.

With hotels, the use of outdoor bar stools and tables is required for outdoor beer garden locations. This gives patrons a place to put drinks and even ash trays, if necessary, but also gives them a place to sit while they socialise.

Regardless of the style or design chosen for those furnishings, most outdoor furniture will need to be packed, stacked, and stored overnight while the business is closed. This will mean choosing items that staff members can easily pack away without damaging them.

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