20 strategies and techniques to setting up a café or restaurant for success, profit and cashflow! In this invaluable report, you will learn:
  1. Why Décor And Ambience Is Critical To Repeat And Referral Business
  2. What Are The 10 Top Ingredients For Café & Restaurant Success
  3. How To Get Online Reviews
  4. Why Hospitality Businesses Need A Business Plan
  5. 15 Ways To Attract More Lunch Customers
  6. What Food & Beverage Trends are being Forecast For 2017
  7. How Content Marketing Is A Recipe For Success
  8. Top 10 Must-Have People In A Restaurateur’s Inner Circle
  9. Factors To Consider When Opening A Restaurant With A Limited Budget
  10. How Music Can Impact Your Customers Spending
  11. 12 Techniques To Maximize Profit On Busy Days
  12. How to Design and Launch a Successful Café
  13. 7 Tips To Increase Your Customer’s Average Spend
  14. Cutting Down On Food Costs
  15. 8 Strategies To Get More Customers In 2015
  16. How Experts Use Social Media To Grow Their Restaurant Business
  17. 6 Factors In Determining F&B Pricing For Bars
  18. Determining The ROI On Your Marketing Investment
  19. How To Hire The Right Person For The Right Job
  20. Amazing Techniques For Cross-Selling And Upselling

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