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Achieving the right ambience within any hospitality establishment can go a long way towards its success. Patrons expect to see a particular standard and level of quality in any cafe or restaurant they visit, so it’s important to consider the style and design of the hospitality furniture you select.

Adage Furniture strives to carry an extensive range of furnishings in a variety of designs and styles, so it should be easy to find something that suits the overall theme you’re trying to achieve.

Updating tired, worn furniture within an establishment can help revitalise the business. Aside from this, you also have the opportunity to re-design the layout of your tables and chairs. This means being able to re-position furnishings to maximise space, or re-configure table and chair sizes to maximise the number of patrons your establishment can comfortably seat.

Adage Furniture carries an extensive range of tables and chairs in a contemporary design, which are ideal for updating or refurbishing any cafe, restaurant, bar or pub.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

The majority of commercial furniture suppliers don’t seem to differentiate between indoor and outdoor restaurant furniture. Yet, Adage Furniture works to ensure that all ranges offer a matched outdoor version of any interior furnishings chosen wherever possible. This allows you to continue a theme from the indoor sections of the establishment right through to the outdoor dining locations, which increases aesthetic appeal.

Outdoor tables Tables and chairs need to be created to withstand exposure to the elements. They also need to be stackable for easy packing away after business hours. Likewise, outdoor bar stools Bar Stools and tables need to be suited to the area of any hotel, and be sturdy enough to withstand constant, regular use.

Why Adage Furniture?

Adage Furniture specialise in wholesale commercial furniture for the hospitality industry. Delivery for any orders across Perth and Adelaide can be arranged in a prompt and timely manner to reduce refurbishment timeframes at your end.

Our friendly staff members are all knowledgeable about the entire range available. This includes offering suggestions and ideas on interior design, where needed. We even offer a complete interior design service for busy establishment owners who just want it done for them. We’ll be happy to offer you a free, no-obligation quote on any cafe or restaurant furniture needs you have.

Best Prices

One of the biggest issues facing many cafe, restaurant, or pub owners is finding high-quality hospitality furniture at the best possible prices. Unfortunately, far too many commercial furniture suppliers equate low prices with cheap products.

Adage Furniture stocks only high-quality restaurant and cafe furniture. As wholesale suppliers, we’re able to buy our stock in bulk. This means we can automatically pass on those savings to our customers, ensuring that you always get the best possible contemporary hospitality furniture at the most competitive prices.

High Quality Hospitality Furniture

The range of hospitality furniture available from Adage Furniture is always the best possible quality available. We understand the importance of durability for cafe tables and chairs that receive plenty of traffic. The last thing any establishment owner needs is to be replacing furniture too often.

Choosing hospitality furniture that offers a decent warranty period assures you that the pieces you’ve chosen were designed to last long-term. It also keeps your costs down in the event of replacement. If you add up the cost of buying cheap, sub-standard furniture but have to replace them multiple times over the years, you’ll soon find that searching for quality in the first place is far more cost effective.

Why Choose Adage Furniture?

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