Is this venue real or is it just another of Houdini’s tricks? We’ll never tell! Head on out to 52/56 Old Calder Hwy in Diggers Rest, Victoria for an escape like none other. Pulling together this venue was a great experience and the Adage team was thrilled to be a part of yet another brilliant venue vision come to life.

Apart from offering an escape, what else does the venue have on the cards? Hear it from the owner’s themselves: “Drawing from decades of experience, we take you on a journey to Sicily, the most southern part of Italy. We combine local produce with traditional methods passed down through multiple generations, to deliver a balance of simplicity and unique flair. Paying homage to our heritage, we offer authentic, timeless, Italian.”

Initially the owner came to Adāge seeking furniture that would tie in with their rustic style venue. Sporting exposed brick and polished concrete floors, Houdini’s has a rustic flair that they wanted to see portrayed in their furniture as well.

As the client was looking furniture for both their indoors and outdoors areas, Adāge had to propose a solution with furniture that matched the style they were looking for, as well as created continuity throughout the restaurant.

When the client came to Adāge Furniture, the venue was brand new and they were wanting to get the venue open and operational as soon as possible. This limited the time frame that our consultant was able to work, and it also meant the client couldn’t choose any custom furniture.

Adage Furniture offers custom products and fit outs if our stocked furniture doesn’t fit the bill. Our team will visit your venue and talk through your project to gain understanding of exactly what you are looking for in your venue. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can provide custom products to suit your project requirements, get in touch with us today.

However, for those times when time is an important consideration, Adāge Furniture keeps high quantities of stocked furniture to ensure that current orders can be met on time as we understand that time is a valuable commodity in the hospitality industry. The owners at Houdini’s were able to choose their furniture from our stocked range, meaning they received their order in the time they needed to bring their venue to life.

The owner visited the showroom with a firmly established idea of what she was looking for. As she was looking for furniture to match in with her rustic style venue, this limited the range for her to look through. However, after looking through the product range, she decided upon some samples she wished to see in her venue.

Following the client’s visit to the showroom, the Adāge consultant visited the venue and took the product samples. The client was then able to see the product in her venue and build a better picture in her head of what the furniture would look like set out in her venue. Adāge Furniture offers this service to all projects as we find it helps our clients see more realistically what the new furniture will look like in their venue, and also see how it will bring the venue to life.

Working within the time and budget limitations set out by the client, Adāge Furniture was able to deliver an end result worthy of the venue’s namesake. Was it magic? Or maybe an illusion? No, it was Adāge Furniture bringing a venue vision to life!

The products used throughout the project include: