For Jawhara, “cooking traditional cuisine is more than something just tasting good. It’s love, it’s comfort, it’s home.” Offering tradition and a taste of Morocco and the eastern Mediterranean, this restaurant located in Palmyra is definitely one worth a visit.

Originally, the owner of this fabulous restaurant had enlisted the expertise of another company, however their presented spec didn’t align with his vision and were out of his budget. Following their guidance as much as he could, the owner reached out to Adage Furniture for options that aligned with his ideas and budget.

The first step, as with all our projects, was to measure up the venue and create a floorplan of the venue. Adage Furniture does this for each new project as it allows for both the consultant and customer to gain a better understanding of a preferred seating layout. Taking measurements and photographs, our consultants are then able to create a simple 2D sketch of their recommended seating plan – so as not to over-or-underestimate the restaurant’s capacity.

With Jawhara, there was a main obstacle in the fact that there was a large arbour located within the venue, which meant that the seating plan needed to include the structure and room to walk around it. The Adage Consultant also did their best to work in with the initial layout recommended by the designer first engaged, to better utilise the floor space and create a more open space and better flow throughout the venue.

Adage Furniture also took many options across to the venue to ensure that the restaurant furniture options our consultant had recommended worked in with the existing flooring. Further, the owner wished to utilise chairs he already had, so Adage worked in with these to provide restaurant chairs that matched with these and created unity throughout the venue. Working closely, with the customer, Adage Furniture was able to offer the customer furniture options that kept within the original specifications and aligned with the owner’s vision and budget.

The products used throughout the project include:

Adāge Furniture maintained constant contact with the customer throughout the process to ensure that the client was kept informed as to how the project was tracking and when he could expect delivery. As the project called for all stocked items, we were able to have the furniture delivered to the customer on time.