Where to start? Located at 251 Adelaide Tce, The Glassy Junction is a gorgeous setting, with the deep tones of Acacia set off by the sophistication of the Brighton lounges. The Glassy Junction is an Indian style Tapas Bar and, proudly, the first of its kind in WA. This is a venue that you should definitely add to your list!

The client approached Adage with an existing venue that had lost some of its attraction. They were looking for help to bring the venue back to life with new furniture to suit their restaurant vision.

To start with, our consultant went out to view the venue and measure up the space to create a 2D sketch of the space. As with all of our projects, our consultant took down measurements for the space and was able to create an accurate plan of the space. With this plan, the client and consultant can work together to bring together a floorplan and flow recommendation, including the quantity of furniture needed to reach maximum capacity without overcrowding the venue. Our consultant drew up the 2D plans for this project and put forward his recommendation for the layout of the space.

With these plans in mind, our consultant was able to suggest furniture that he believed would suit the area and also bring the client’s vision together. The client had a budget he wanted to stick within, and Adāge Furniture was able to provide a solution that fit within that budget.

With the help of Adage Furniture, The Glassy Junction was able to create a relaxing environment with lounge seating for their customer. The client has since returned to Adāge Furniture to further enhance their venue with a second order for more outdoor furniture.

Products used:

“Adage Furniture has helped us furnish our newly renovated venue and gave it the look that we imagined. The team helped us design an amazing floor plan based on our requirements. We are getting compliments from our guests for our furniture. It was a great experience working with these guys.” – Deep, The Glassy Junction