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When opening a restaurant, there are countless things you have to think about: food, ambience, cost, and appearance, just to name a few. You may be surprised to realise just how important your choice of restaurant furniture is to quite a few of these integral items on your list.

The furniture you choose can say a lot about your restaurant, and when the success of your business venture is on the line, you want to make sure that it’s saying the right thing.

Colour and Style

When it comes to creating your restaurant’s ambience, keep it simple. Don’t make it any harder than it has to be. With all of the fine furniture available at our Perth store, you can find virtually any type of restaurant furniture you could ever want in any colour, finish, or style. From contemporary designs to modern options, we have it all, and we can’t wait to help you to find a look you’ll love for your restaurant.

Indoor Restaurant Furniture

It’s also crucial for you to pick furniture that fits well in your space. Is your restaurant a large, open room or is it smaller and more intimate? If you have a lot of seating space, several larger tables might be ideal, particularly if you’re likely to have parties of six to ten people. However, if you’re working with more limited space, opt for smaller tables.

In the event that a large party arrives, you can always move your tables closer together to create the necessary seating arrangements. In fact, many restaurants prefer smaller tables to begin with, since it allows for more flexibility and makes rearranging the layout far simpler.

Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

Eating outside, or alfresco dining, is enjoyed by many and is a common offering in many types of restaurants. However, it’s no secret that choosing furniture for your outside seating comes with its own unique challenges. For one thing, outdoor furniture needs to be sturdier and far more durable than those pieces used for interior dining.

For your convenience, we at Adage Furniture offer a large selection of outdoor furniture, including chairs that are stackable, thereby making them easier to store when the weather prohibits outdoor eating or when your establishment is closed.

Bar Furniture

If your restaurant has a bar, chances are you’re going to need a different kind of seating, namely stools. Bar stools are a comfortable and convenient way to give patrons of your restaurant a place to sit and enjoy a drink while they are waiting for their table to be ready.

At Adage Furniture, we have a wide selection of bar stools that are designed to complement the look of our other pieces so as to give you a fun, yet cohesive look that your customers will enjoy and appreciate.

High-Quality Furniture at a Great Price

We’re proud to be a chosen provider of furniture for cafes and restaurants throughout the Perth area. We buy all of our furniture at wholesale costs in order to give you the best price we can. That, combined with our extensive stock and number of furniture options, makes us a great place for you to shop for all of your furniture needs.

Our staff are committed to providing you with excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

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