The key for business owners is to be trained and knowledgeable in the art of doing so to then successfully pass the skills to their employees for a profitable execution. Training can be easy after learning some of these best tips to do so.

Offer High Quality Customer Service

They say that you get more bees with honey than with vinegar and this applies to the business world as well. Having positive, customer-oriented employees representing the company will open the doors for successful selling. People will be more open to listening to a sales person’s pitch if they have created a friendly interaction.

Building a trust with the customer helps them to be more accepting of what you have to say. Nothing is worse than a cold or rude store employee. The targeted customer will be immediately turned off by the attitude presented and will likely have nothing to do with anything the sales person has to say. Making the customer feel welcomed and comfortable is the first step to a successful transaction.

Retailers who are online have the task of working strategically on the later techniques since there is no human interaction while shopping on websites. Online shopping is pretty straight forward and needs to be laced with inviting, attractive and pertinent information in order to suggest further sales.

Have a Strong Product Presence

Most add-ons are considered impulse buys for a reason. It’s not exactly what the person planned on buying from the retailer but its presentation is placed purposely in their path to entice. If they can’t miss it they will at least notice the additional offers and then think about possibly buying them.

Having the cross-sale item or upsell options handy will make the decision seem like a no-brainer. Not wanting to wait might be the reason they choose not to accept. The customer has already chosen the product they want so waiting further for the retrieval of an accessory or better option will only give them time to think about their choice and possibly change their minds. If it’s readily available so as not to interfere with their transaction time the likelihood for the additional sale is higher.

Seeing the item can also sway a decision. Having small priced, interesting items like chips or candy at the registers or on displays makes cross-selling almost impossible to fail at. Pique the customers’ interest and they might do the rest themselves. A drink case near the register at a restaurant will better attract the customer to purchase one. Have everything available for the sale. The last thing any business owner wants is to not be able to fulfil a client’s wants and needs.

Explain the Benefits

If the friendly sales associate and displays of great merchandise don’t do the trick directly offering items is the next step. Most customers love to feel noticed and important and if the employee has been building a relationship with them it can be very easy to add to their purchase. Realizing their needs and explaining why other options would benefit them can be a solidifying step for the transaction.

Choose the specific feature of the item that would please and fulfil their needs and harp on it. Comments such as how one item favours another or how additional features on a more expensive version would make usage easier are great examples. Make them realize why it is a great decision to make.

Bundles and service packages are the perfect up sale items. If a bundle deal makes an additional item available at a lower cost let them know! Most people love a great discount. Upselling to a full meal at a restaurant almost always works since the products seem like a steal that way. It’s an easy way to grab the customer’s attention when the benefits are laid out.

Even with the best sales techniques and the most sales experience not all customers can be moved. It’s important to read customers and recognize whether they’re interested or not. It they are not going to budge on their original purpose that’s okay. The last thing you want is for a customer to feel pressured. They might be on a budget or simply not interested in what you have offered.

The key is to feel the customers out and always keep trying to add on to every purchase depending on the vibe you get from them. Someone who didn’t take the bait this time might enjoy something you offer them tomorrow. One person might respond to one technique and the next customer another. If nothing works move right on to the next one!