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Custom Upholstery

Adāge Furniture provides custom upholstery of premium quality textiles from our industry preferred supplier, Warwick Fabrics.

Eastwood Collection

Eastwood is a durable and sophisticated upholstery fabric that combines raw aesthetics with long-lasting capabilities. Its advanced polyester weave mimics the appearance of leather while maintaining a soft touch and flexibility without the risk of cracking or weakening. It offers refined tactile qualities, leather grain aesthetics, and commercial-grade durability, making it suitable for a wide range of interiors, from intimate lounge bars and cocktail lobbies to bustling bistros, cafes, and restaurants.

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Lustrell Charisma Collection

Lustrell Charisma introduces a refreshed palette with a wide range of bolds, brights, neutrals, and modern classics, providing a designer edge and high performance for commercial-grade applications. This ultra-durable vinyl offers an extensive colour spectrum, igniting the imagination with its versatility.

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Pelle Collection

Experience the effortless creation of leather-look upholstery with the new Pelle range. Its subtle printed micro-texture beautifully replicates the natural grain of leather, while the pre-softened finish provides optimal comfort. Pelle excels in heavy commercial durability and features easy-clean qualities, making it the perfect choice for commercial upholstery needs.

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Benito Collection

With its beautiful, padded, and soft-to-the-touch design, this contemporary quilted collection, Benito, adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to any space, effortlessly combining comfort and trendiness.

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Gravity Collection

Elevate the ambiance of any room with Gravity, featuring subtle tactile textures. Designed to suit both traditional and contemporary interiors, Gravity offers a dry herringbone plain, ideal for tailored upholstery. This versatile collection effortlessly complements existing design schemes and colour palettes, making a refined style statement in any space.

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Plush Collection

Plush evokes a luxurious and opulent mood with its softness, exuding a distinct sense of chic. This polyester knit fabric, reminiscent of velvet, seamlessly combines old-world charm with modern luxury. Crafted to meet heavy commercial standards, Plush is both durable and elegant, enriching any interior with its timeless appeal.

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