When it comes to your venue, you want it to look the best it possibly can. We understand you may want to work within a budget and a certain style, which is why we work with each of our customers to provide a tailored solution for everyone.

All our furniture consultants have been trained in interior design and are able to give you the best outcome for your venue. With an intimate knowledge of what looks good together, as well as what works well for hospitality venues, our consultants can offer you the ultimate package deal. Many of the team have been in the hospitality industry for many years and can intelligently help you make the best decision for your venue and your patrons.

At Adage Furniture we offer a free design consultancy service. For each and every project, we offer services to design up your venue and put forward a proposal that we believe is best for you. When we are creating this design proposal, we take everything into account: your budget, your seating requirements, your style, and the atmosphere you want to create.

So, what will the design process look like for you?

Your Design and Layout Process

First step is contact. Get in touch with us to start your design journey. Our team of design consultants are always available to help you out, whether you are wanting a full venue fit out done, or whether you just want to upgrade some existing furniture. We’d love to hear from you.

Once you’ve contacted us, one of our design consultants will take on your project to bring you the best outcome. Through the consultation process, you can expect to be asked many questions. Our team does this to ensure they know as much as they can about you and your venue. We need to make sure we are taking everything into account when we create your personalised design concept.

Throughout this initial consultation, our consultant will listen to your needs and wants to start to build a solution for you that answers all your questions. If you already know what style of chairs or tables you want, they will do their best to provide these for you. Alternatively, the consultant will start pulling together sample options for you to look at and try out.

This brings us to the next step: Venue Visit. Our consultant will come and visit you in your venue. We like to step foot in the places we are fitting out to make sure we really are understanding the venue. We’ll bring samples to you to try in your venue so that you can see how the furniture looks in your space. This way you can make sure the style matches any existing design elements – walls, floor coverings, colours etc.

If you are looking for a complete fit out, our consultant will also take down measurements of your venue. Using these measurements, our consultant will be able to create a 2D floorplan of your venue. This will offer you a recommended layout for your venue, considering seating and flow. This is an important part of our design and layout process as it allows both you and our consultant to see the recommended quantity of tables and chairs to fill a venue to capacity without overcrowding it. These floorplans account for any existing obstacles in the venue and show the flow through the venue.

We can then turn these 2D floorplans into 3D renders to show you what the furniture will look like once it has been installed in your venue. These renders are a brilliant way of bringing your vision to life and ensuring that we have captured every detail as you had imagined.

“Designing a venue can be difficult and expensive. Because our in-house, qualified designers are also heavily trained in furniture, the end results are amazing and motivating to see. I often see a full design for a venue drawn up at no cost, saving the customer well over $5,000. ” – Jarrad Dartnall, National Sales Manager at Adage Furniture.

From here we can teak details and agree on a proposal that suits you and your needs best, and then ta-da! You have your new furniture; your vision is now reality, and your venue looks and feels amazing. Doesn’t that sound easy?