Melbourne Team

Jessica Weng

Hospitality Furniture Consultant

Jessica is the office bomb! Creating atmosphere like none other and bringing client’s visions to life are specialties of Jessica’s. Jessica will work tirelessly with yourself to guarantee you walk away completely satisfied with your new hospitality furniture. Also, if you are a fan of the world of cheese, you are sure to get along well with Jessica – her meal of choice is always something cheesy.

Looking to get your venue in shape fast? Contact Jessica now!

Royden Lewis

Hospitality Furniture Consultant

With Royden, you are in great hands! Caring and happy, Royden is all about customer relations and doing whatever he can to make sure clients like yourself are shown the best service in Australia! Much like conquering rugged Victorian terrain through his 4W-Driving, Royden will take on your venture with efficient productivity and come back to you with a prompt response.

Are you searching for someone to take on your project with dynamic precision? Royden is the guy you’re after – contact him today!

Brent Sprakel

Melbourne Dispatch

Brent is all about delivering the promise. He works closely with you to ensure that your new furniture delivery or changeover is a smooth one. Brent is a family man with a love for the arts, cars and gaming. These hobbies of Brent show through in his attention to detail in making sure that all Victorian deliveries are up-to-scratch in every way.

Have a dispatch query for our Victorian team? Speak to Brent today.

Perth Team

Jarrad Dartnall

Hospitality Furniture Consultant

Jarrad is one of our most vivacious furniture consultants here at Adage. In his own words, he has a “massive, tremendous, immense, colossal passion for the industry” and he will take on your vision as his own with a tenacity that is almost unbeatable. Jarrad will adopt your venue, tailoring your experience to achieve your goals and mirror a masterpiece.

If you are wanting a lively and fast-paced experience, Jarrad is the one you want to contact today!

Deon Fawkes

Sales & Product Director

Deon is all about success and getting things right the first time. Deon knows every product back-to-front and inside-out and focuses on providing clients with exactly what they want. Deon loves the teamwork you see on the field in any sport and he replicates this in our office. Deon is all about quick responses and ensuring that your furniture kicks goals!

If time is of the essence for you, contact Deon today!

Yvonne Hort


Yvonne, like a true-blue Aussie, loves the true ANZAC spirit of helping those around her to ensure we all (including yourself!) reach our own levels of success. Applying this to her job role, Yvonne will ensure that any project handed her way will be completed with accuracy and timeliness to guarantee the delivery of your goods is as streamline as possible.

Contact Yvonne today if you have any queries relating to operations.

Elton Fawkes

Marketing & HR Director

A passionate and high-powered individual, Elton is all about ‘Getting Stuff Done’. Seeing huge action amongst the team motivates Elton to really embody the vision of the company in “Turning Empty Spaces into Vibrant, Happy Places!” As well as a family man with children of his own, Elton is a hospitality enthusiast who will work tirelessly to bring results.

Wanting to make your vision happen? Speak to Elton today.

Adrian Batten

Perth Dispatch

Adrian is our WA dispatch manager and he knows what he is doing! Adrian is fast and reliable in ensuring that all clients receive their goods on time and in perfect condition. As relatable as he is reliable, Adrian loves to kick off his weekend watching his favourite football team (West Coast Eagles) perform, whilst firing up his barbeque for a steak…

Contact Adrian if you have a dispatch query for our WA team…

Annalise Dowell


Annalise strives to keep our systems up to date and wheels turning smoothly to ensure that your experience with us is the best! Whilst talking to herself and wondering how much her co-workers hear, Annalise is the somewhat introverted figure in the office. However, Annalise is the one you want to speak to if you have any accounts queries, as she will work methodically to get back to you quickly.

Contact Annalise for a prompt response today.

Marika Dartnall

Hospitality Furniture Consultant

Probably one of our biggest ‘foodies’ here at Adage, Marika is a zealous consultant who is bent on providing our clients with the best service. Behind the scenes at home Marika loves to cook, she is always wondering what is for dinner and like any great foodie, Marika loves a Seafood Platter paired with a great White Wine. Coupled with her love of food, is her love of working alongside clients like yourself to bring your vision to life.

Needing to discuss how we can turn your dream into a reality? Call Marika today!

Fernando Dartnall

Hospitality Furniture Consultant

If Fernando’s choice of food doesn’t show up his personality, I’m not sure what will: he loves his Nandos and the KFC Zinger Stacker box. Fernando’s game is as on-fire as his food and he is sure to give you an experience that you won’t forget. Fernando is young with his eye on the end-game, and he will bring life to your dream, and spirit to your design adventure.

Contact Fernando today to reap the benefits of his young vibrancy!

Michael Fawkes

Finance & Procurement Director

Adage’s Financial Master, Michael keeps the finance part of the company fine-tuned. Michael loves having happy and motivated people around him (just like the team here at Adage), hence Michael is a family-man who spends plenty of time with close friends and family. Michael is always looking for a way to make helping clients a fast and easy process, so you are in good hands when you’re dealing with Michael.

If you have any financial or purchasing queries, Michael is who you want to contact!