Timber truly is an exquisite option for your table tops. It looks and feels great, and for the most part, wears well in the industry. A common question we get asked about timber tables is if they crack. Short answer: yes, they can.

Timber is a natural product. It is a living beauty. For this reason, no two timber table tops are the same, and it does require more effort than other tops to maintain it. Knots, splits and cracks are all a part of the rustic charm of timber products, however they can be easily sealed with coloured compounds and made to blend in with the rest of the table.

A big mistake with timber is thinking that it can be placed outdoors. Majority of the time, timber products, including tables, shouldn’t be used outside. The rising and falling temperatures of the outdoors encourages the timber to move – to expand and retract – making cracks form in the tops. As timber is always alive, this means that movement is inevitable, and cracks will more than likely form.

Some timber tops can be used outside, if the timber is slatted and has been oiled, rather than sealed. The slats allow for movement, without the pressure that will cause cracks.

If, and when, cracks do form in your timber tables, you can easily fill these with a putty or wax of the same colour.

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