If you own your own bar or are thinking of starting up your own venue, something you will have to think of is the bar seating you will be offering. Bar tables need bar seats around them and for many venue owners, this decision is an easy one. However, it doesn’t come easy to all. Read on to find out more about bar stool and bar chairs, what makes them different, and which is the best option for you.

A bar stool is a backless stool for your bar area. A bar chair, however, has a back on it. Both these styles serve their purpose and look great. Some bars prefer one style over the other for several reasons. The most common ones that we’ve heard over the years are listed out below.

1: Comfort

The comfort of the bar stools is relative to each and every different patron. Some prefer a chair with a back and some prefer those without. It also depends on what vibe you are going for in your bar area.

Bar chairs with a back encourage your patrons to lounge and linger. This could mean ordering more drinks, or it could mean taking up much-needed space in your bar. Bar chairs are often more comfortable and therefore they are better for dining and allowing guests to take their time.

Bar stools, on the other hand, are more likely to be found in fast-moving bars that encourage a flow of guests through their venue. In a space where patrons are socializing, bar stools allow patrons to sit on any side, and swing around on them to face different ways. People can also half-sit on them at any angle, should they need to.

This is your call to make – what would you prefer your clients to do? One option could be to include both types of seating in your bar. Have the bar chairs to allow those wanting to dine and spend a lot of time in the space, but also have the option of bar stools to allow for more mingling among the customers.

2: Space

Space is another factor that may contribute to whether venue owners like yourself choose one style over another. If you are short on space in your venue, you may want to look at bar stools rather than bar chairs.

Bar stools can slide easily under your bar table if you are needing more space, and more often than not, they can be stacked out of the way if needed. These are both very practical ways to create more space in your venue if you are needing it.

Similarly, backless stools tend to allow for more stools along a bar table or bench due to them being smaller. Smaller and lighter also equals easier to move and redesign where you see fit.

3: Liability

We’ve heard this one a few times from bar and pub owners around the countryside.

‘We don’t want to use a stool without a back and have someone fall backwards and hurt themselves.’

We understand. For this reason, many bar owners choose to go with bar chairs with a back to stop people from tipping backwards off their seat. The last thing you need is to be liable for someone who has injured themselves in your venue.

4: Style

Bar stools and bar chairs are their own styles. Depending on what look you are going for in your venue, one style may work better than the other. Backless stools can blend in with the environment around them, allowing for other furniture or features to become more prominent in your venue. Alternatively, bar chairs can become their own feature, standing out to bring your venue to life.

Do you have seating at your bar bench? This could be another factor you consider. Bar chairs can cause a visual block when used up against a bar, where bar stools tend to allow the bar to speak for itself.