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Gentas Table Top – Marble

Available colours


Clearance Special Perth: Priced per sizing below

26 x 1200 x 800 $69 + GST (Save $99)

10 x 600 x 600 $29 + GST (Save $57)

1 x 600mmR $20 + GST (Save $59)

56 x 700 x 700 $39 +GST (Save $62)

50 x 700mmR $25 + GST (Save $64)

Featuring wonderfully durable finishes, the Gentas tabletops are the hospitality industry’s most cost-effective tabletop.  With a beautiful jointless moulded surface the Gentas tops are hygienic and easy to clean, they are resistant to wear and high impact they are perfectly suited to areas of fast service

The Gentas tops are a moulded resin top, made using a core of soft and hardwood fibre which is kiln dried and treated so that it will not rot or mould and mixed with synthetic resin.  The top is compressed and shaped under very high pressure, then decorative sheets are added, and the entire top is resin sealed to create a seamless attractive finish.

The Gentas Marble top is a classic stone look top. It is a natural colour which is a timeless favourite that will never go out of style.  Marble is a chameleon, fitting beautifully in a more formal area or looking fabulous in a casual setting.  The Marble can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas, and as it is a light colour it can be used in sunny outdoor areas. It is extremely versatile and will suit many different styles of décor.

For a classic look: Check out our Bistro 4 bases, the ornate cast iron design is just perfect with the Marble top!


600, 700 or 800mm diameter.  Round tops have an edge profile of 25mm and Core thickness of 18mm.

600, 700 or 800mm Square and 1200x800mm Rectangle.  Square and rectangle options have an edge profile of 35mm and core thickness of 20.5mm

MaterialJointless moulded Resin Surface
DimensionsMultiple Options - See below
Delivery AvailableYes
Outdoor UseYes
UV StableYes
OriginMade in Europe