In an unusually inventive nod to global cuisine, Acai fruit mix-ups are fast replacing the all-American smoothie as the next great healthy snack on the go. Acai has migrated quite a long way from its home country of Brazil to show up on Australian tables. But with the reputed health benefits of this oft-named “miracle fruit,” the accrued mileage seems well worth it.

Acai and Your Establishment

What is humorous about this shift from smoothie-to-superfruit is that, upon closer examination, they really do show themselves to be two sides of the exact same coin.

In the past, perhaps the average peckish diner would seat themselves at a smoothie bar, customizing their snack with add-ins or mix-ins such as acai. Today, the “smoothie” is served un-blended on a frozen acai base with a little spoon. “Acai bowl” enthusiasts report the overall palate effect is not unlike eating a fruity frozen treat.

A company called Amazonia is currently one of the best-known purveyors of all things acai in Australia. Founded by a University of Western Australia health science dropout, the company operates on a fully fair trade foundation and routinely posts net annual profitability growth of 500 percent or higher.