It’s not every day you hear about a cafe being furnished in just 24 hours, but we’re proud to say we’ve done it!

Bonbons Bakery, an iconic Australian franchise, is currently updating its image with a fresh new look and upscale style. Their Brimbank branch required high-quality furnishings and we were thrilled to assist.

Our sales team member, Steven Patruno, who has had a long-standing relationship with the client, heard about the renovation and reached out immediately.

After a quick phone call to arrange an on-site meeting, Steven arrived with a range of samples that perfectly matched the brief. Within hours of the meeting, the order was placed, and the furniture was delivered – all within an impressive 24-hour timeframe.

Initially, Frank, the manager, had considered using larger 700 x 700 tables. However, we advised him against it, explaining that such large tables would reduce the number of available tables and seats. In a coffee shop, maximising seating is crucial as it translates directly to increased customer capacity and revenue.

Collaborating with Frank was a fantastic experience. His clear vision and enthusiasm made it easy for Steven to bring his ideas to life quickly and efficiently. The end result was a beautifully furnished cafe that exceeded expectations.

Steven helped us find the perfect tables and chairs that beautifully complement our space. He is incredibly easy to work with—possessing a wealth of professional knowledge, patience, and an efficient work ethic. I highly recommend his services to anyone in need of expert advice and quality results – Frank

Our swift and efficient service on this project has led Bonbons Bakery’s Head Office to designate Adage Furniture as their preferred supplier for all future furniture needs. This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for both of our businesses.

We’re thrilled to have played a role in Bonbons Bakery’s transformation and look forward to many more successful projects together.

The products used throughout the project include:

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