Traditional cuisine, a warm atmosphere, and simple decor are the hallmarks of Marios, a beloved eatery located just north of Melbourne’s CBD. For over 30 years, Marios has successfully brought people together, thanks to the vision of founder, Mario Maccarone.

Always aiming to enhance the dining experience, Mario recently decided to upgrade the outdoor setting of his restaurant, believing that fresh changes would lead to better customer satisfaction and increased turnover.

What he envisioned was a parklet – a sidewalk extension that provides additional space for restaurants and cafes.

The process began with an online enquiry, followed by a site visit from team member Jessica Weng. During her visit, Jessica was able to understand Mario’s specific needs and requests.

To capture the classic Italian flair, Mario chose bright red Pano chairs, paired with clean grey tabletops. For the table bases, the decision was made to use NOROCK folding bases, renowned in the restaurant industry for their ease of use and wobble-free stability.

Post-completion, we now have a beautiful, comfortable, and colourful minimalist space where guests can enjoy their food in an authentic Italian atmosphere.

I am thrilled with the entire experience. Everything went smoothly and effortlessly. We had custom tables made that fit our space perfectly, which made me very happy. What was particularly fantastic was Adage Furniture’s ability to hold our furniture for an extended period. Despite delays with our parklet plans and having no storage, Adage Furniture stored our products without any issue – Mario

The products used throughout the project include:

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