This venue is on fire! Flames Burgers & Grill was a pleasure to fit out and our team had fun bringing this vision to life.

The owner of this funky venue was an existing client who came to Adāge looking for something to suit his needs and bring his concept to life. His restaurant was an empty shell of a building when he came to us with the project. Working with a brand-new building is always a pleasure for our staff, and we were fortunate to start work on this project from the beginning.

Our furniture consultant visited the venue when the building was still in the construction stage. Bringing their own ideas and recommendations to the table, our consultant talked through the options with the owner whilst walking through the building shell.

As with all our projects, our consultant measured up the space and created a plan for the layout of the restaurant to ensure that the correct number of chairs and tables were placed throughout the restaurant. The owner also wanted to include booth seating in the venue, which presented to be a challenge due to the size and shape of the venue.

The owner wasn’t sure how to layout the booth seating – whether to place the seats parallel or perpendicular to the wall. To solve this challenge, our consultant brought sample furniture to the venue. This meant that the client was able to get a better picture of how the venue would look with the suggested furniture.

Custom table tops were required for this venue as our stocked table tops didn’t meet the client’s requirements. When the solution our clients are looking for can’t be found in our stocked furniture, we are able to offer custom items, such as chairs, table tops or booth seating.

Adāge Furniture offers custom products and fit outs if our stocked furniture doesn’t fit the bill. Our team will visit your venue and talk through your project to gain understanding of exactly what you are looking for in your venue. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can provide custom products to suit your project requirements, get in touch with us today.

The products used throughout the project include:

“We appreciate the amazing work you guys have done to install the furniture at Flames burgers & Grill Balcatta. The setup looks up to the mark and has given the restaurant an outstanding ambience. We again thank you for all the hard work and effort. It has been appreciated by the customers overall for both presentation and comfort.” – Upasana, Flames Burgers & Grill