“It’s A-Me, Mario!”

Care for some gaming? Or some great food? Game on Mandurah is a great venue to add to your bucket list, where you can get both. Located in Mandurah at Unit 5/3B Smart St, this venue really is a must-visit.

The client came to us initially through a telephone enquiry. They were looking to fit out their new venue combining gaming and dining. After the initial phone call, our consultant went out to visit the site. Once at the new venue, our consultant took measurements of the area so they were able to create a 2D floorplan of the space.

The owner of the venue was looking for a moody theme to match with the gaming side of the area, with dark chairs and tables to match in with the theme. She was also looking for a custom made table frame which we had powder coated in a specific purple to match her vibe.

The tables scattered throughout the venue were also custom sizes to fit the game boards. This proved to be a challenge to ensure that all tables were created to the correct size for the games, whilst still seating maximum customers without compromising the venue’s flow.

Once the 2D plan and proposal were complete, they were presented to the client via video call, after which she decided to move forward with the project.

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The products used throughout the project include: