After a renovation and revamp, this awesome Korean restaurant is looking better than ever! Featuring custom products throughout, this venue really is one of a kind.

Seoul Chicken & Beer is a Korean restaurant, bringing the “complete Korean dining experience in an unconventional and quirky setting.”

You may have noticed a previous project named “Seoul Chicken & Beer” here in Melbourne, and you may be wondering what the relation is to this project. This older project was the restaurant’s introduction to Mildura. The owner decided he wanted to move his Korean restaurant to a new location and renovate the old building into a new restaurant.

The new location was renovated and revamped for the move, and this was led by an architect who worked with the owners to create a space that lined up with their vision.

Here’s where Adāge was called in. As we helped them out with their first Seoul Chicken & Beer restaurant, they returned to ask for help with their new location. The first step, as always, was to measure up the venue and create a floorplan.

The Adāge furniture consultant visited the venue and took down accurate measurements of the layout of the venue and returned to the office to create a 2D floorplan. This floorplan allows our consultants and clients to get a better view of the restaurant and the proposed flow through the venue. This allows the consultant to put forward a seating plan and gauge a better idea of the quantity of chairs and tables needed in the restaurant to fill it to capacity without overcrowding the space.

The client’s vision for the restaurant was to create a modern venue that offered barbeques at each table and custom curved booth seating. Adāge took this vision on with tenacity and were able to deliver a look that fulfilled this vision beautifully.

The Adāge Furniture team took furniture samples out the restaurant to ensure these matched with the design of the restaurant and give the client a better idea of what the furniture would look like in the restaurant.

As previously mentioned, the client was looking for some highly customised booth seating, tables and matching benches. The tables required small barbeque grills in the middle of each one, which promised a challenge for our team, however we were able to meet the demand and deliver. The custom products took time to design and manufacture, however we were able to deliver the products in the timeframe that the client was looking for.

Adage Furniture offers custom products and fit outs if our stocked furniture doesn’t fit the bill. Our team will visit your venue and talk through your project to gain understanding of exactly what you are looking for in your venue. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can provide custom products to suit your project requirements, get in touch with us today.

The products used throughout the project include: