Stella Gelato – how gorgeous is this venue! Take a trip down luxury lane as you enter this venue in West Swan. The furniture chosen is timeless and oozes the sweetness of the products sold here!

The venue was a brand new addition to the wonderful Swan Valley. However, not only this fact made the project so exciting. Adāge Furniture was able to play a part in bringing to life the first of its kind in the area! Taking this leap of faith, the owner wanted to make the space truly unique.

When the owner of Stella Gelato came to us, she had a vision in mind that she wanted to recreate. She knew the colour scheme she wanted to go with, and the style she wanted to incorporate. Our client was looking for a modern take on a traditional look. Like always, we said “no problem”!

Choosing to run with our Capri Chairs perfectly fits with her modern idea. The chair features the timeless crossback look, however it is made from polypropylene and comes in a range of more modern colours – black, coffee, white and green.

Adāge brought out the samples to the customer so they could create a better picture in their mind of how the chairs would sit in the space. The owner was able to see what the product looked like, felt like and test it out for themselves.

The only challenge our consultant faced was ensuring the chairs and tables matched with the existing polished concrete floors throughout the venue. For this reason, our consultant put forward the table top with a concrete finish.

When deciding on the tables, the owner wanted something that was practical and easy to clean, however they also had to look great. Once again, no problem! Bringing in the fresh, modern vibes with the sleek bases and tops that we provided really put the icing on the cake (or the cherry on the gelato).

Pulling this project together was an absolute pleasure for our team! Doesn’t it look fantastic?

The products used throughout the project include: