The Duke of George is a stunning new live music venue serving casual dinner and drinks, located in East Fremantle at the top of George Street. The dark furniture against the deep colours of the décor and walls, brings an almost moody feeling to the venue, which shouts style and quality.

When the owner of this fabulous venue came to Adāge Furniture, he had a dream. His dream was this venue. He had worked on creating the perfect venue for a long time before realising his dream. This project was an extensive project where details were hashed out over a year between the consultant and the owner. From there, details were confirmed and delivery didn’t take place for another 18 months.

Our client came to us with his vision and trusted that would be able to bring it to life. He wanted his venue to have a jazz vibe, with furniture synonymous with the famous jazz era. Whilst we couldn’t bring in the beautiful designs perfectly, we were able to offer a custom chair to suit his needs. This chair has since become a staple in our product offering!

We offered our client the Corio chair, however he wasn’t sure on the chrome legs. This was the only option we had on offer at the time. The client pushed towards having the chrome legs switched out for black, powder coated legs. We were able to bring these in specially for him and we decided we loved them enough to make them a part of our stocked range!

Whilst he was happy to use a base that we had in stock, none of our table tops appealed to his vision. The client wanted a super high gloss table top, which was not something we were able to offer, however we had to make sure the base he chose would fit the custom table tops he had made for his venue.

The process from initial contact, through to decision making was around a year, with constant communication between the client and our consultant. As this was the client’s dream venue, he was willing to spend the extra time to source the perfect furniture that would bring his venue vision to life. Once the client had decided on the products, we held these for him in our warehouse for around 18 months until he was ready to have it installed in his new venue.

Throughout this entire project, our consultant ensure that the process was seamless for the client and made sure all his needs and wants were met. As always, our clients come first in every transaction, and this project was no different.

The products used throughout the project include: