West Side Horsham has been the sight of many functions over the years – birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, family reunions, celebrations of life and many more functions where people come together in a relaxed atmosphere.”

This awesome venue came to us with their existing venue that was currently undergoing extensive renovations. They approached Adāge furniture with a blank canvas, looking for new tables and chairs to fit out their venue.

As will all the project we undertake, the first step in the process was to visit the venue site and measure up the area. From these measurements, we were able to create a 2D floorplan of the venue so that the client could see the best furniture layout that permitted the best flow for the venue. This plan also gives the client and our consultant better insight into the quantities of furniture needed to fill the venue without crowding it out.

Once the floorplan was decided upon, the furniture was chosen and samples were taken to the venue to ensure that the client was happy with the look that was being created. Opting for a gorgeous timber look, accentuated by black metal, the client really nailed the ambience for the venue.

Since their initial order, this client has since placed an additional order with us for more furniture for their venue! We love our customers, and we love to see them return with good stories and more requests!

The products used throughout the project include: