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Restaurant Furniture Sydney

Adage Furniture is the leading supplier of commercial restaurant furniture in Sydney. We have Sydney’s largest range of restaurant furniture and are proud to present furniture that is suitable for any and every venue.

Let us help you add some style and personality to your venue through your furniture.

Sydney’s largest range of Restaurant Furniture, always in stock

We are all about delivery the promise, and this one is our 48-hour delivery guarantee. Choose from Sydney’s larges range of Restaurant Furniture held in stock, and you won’t be disappointed.

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What style of chairs should I use in a restaurant?

The most common choices for a restaurant would be upholstered or timber chairs for indoor use.

How long can I expect my restaurant furniture to last?

Our restaurant furniture lasts 10-15 years.

How often should I replace my restaurant furniture?

We recommend replacing your restaurant furniture every 5 years to keep venues fresh and inviting for the patrons.

What are the best materials when looking for restaurant furniture?

We recommend using timber or upholstered furniture in a restaurant to create an inviting atmosphere.

How can I find out pricing on restaurant furniture?

The quickest way to receive pricing is to submit an online quote cart or give us a call and one of our team will help you out.

Is restaurant furniture readily available?

Everything we sell is in stock and available for immediate delivery. Our inventory control and stock management are online and accurate.

Can I choose what time my furniture is delivered?

Yes! You can have your order delivered in the time frame that best suits your needs.

Can someone bring samples to my venue?

Absolutely. Our mobile showrooms bring samples directly to your venue for you to view onsite.

What kinds of Restaurant Furniture do you supply?

Adage Furniture stocks and sells all your restaurant furniture needs, from chairs, through to tables (tops, bases and dining tables), lounges and booth seating.

What is our warranty policy?

Our stylish, high quality hospitality furniture including tables, chairs, stools and lounges is tested for durability, and then backed by a 5-year warranty.

Adage is Sydney’s Largest Stockist of Restaurant Furniture

Attracting patrons and then making them stay is the goal of every restaurant owner. At Adage Furniture, we believe that choosing the right restaurant furniture is the way to conquer this mountain.

Your furniture can be the difference between a 2-star and 5-star venue. Your furniture lets customers know what experience they can expect and this will often influence them either to stay or leave. Furniture creates the atmosphere in which your customer becomes a part of and allows them to drift to another dimension. Through your furniture, you let your customers figure out your personality and allow them to engage with you on a more confidential level. Let your furniture do the talking.

Not only is the furniture important to your venue’s success, but so is the layout of it. Arranging your venue’s furniture so that it not only looks great, but also adds to the ease in which your customers dine. You don’t want cluttered spaces, mazes instead of walkways or tables blocking the views of other patrons.

Feeling overwhelmed? There is no need for that! Below are some of our top tips when your choosing your restaurant furniture.

Tip 1: Style and Theme

Every restaurant must have a theme, whether it is contemporary or modern, or maybe the classic fine dining look. This is where you shine. What is your style? Let your identity shine through in your venue using your furniture. The overall theme of your venue will influence your decisions when you choose your furniture. The furniture has to match the theme you are going for. If you are look for traditional fine-dining, you’ll be wanting wooden chairs; alternatively, if you’re wanting a more modern vibe, perhaps take a look at the polypropylene range. They’re all options, and they’re all for you.

A great tip to remember is that you may want to be able to change things up a bit for different occasions, so keep this in mind when you’re choosing your furniture. Keep yourself a little flexible, just in case you maybe need to add a touch of sophistication, or tone things down to a more casual atmosphere.

Tip 2: Flow and Spatial Awareness

All our consultants here at Adage Furniture agree that flow is SO important in a restaurant. The last thing anyone wants is split food or drinks. There should be clear pathways leading from the serving area to the amenities, with plenty of space to move. Find the flow you want in your restaurant, and then we can start talking table sizing.

We offer tables come in a variety of sizes for a reason – use this! Have tables that can seat up to 12 people, right down to seating smaller 2 and 4-people groups. This allows for flexibility and customers of all group sizes. However, on the same note, use smaller tables more often as too many large tables can lead inflexibility.

Tip 3: Areas Within your Venue

When you are designing your venue, plan to have different areas within your venue. For example, lounge and booth areas, bar areas, standard dining areas. And also, indoor and outdoor dining. Having these different areas, you accommodate for customers of all ages.

Keep these zones defined, but not separate. Do this through your furniture. Here at Adage Furniture we have some wonderful booth options that will suit any venue – go for a traditional chesterfield look with the Brighton Booth seating, or create your own custom booth with the Chicago. Bar settings can be defined with their own bar tables and bar stools or bar chairs. And finally, the standard dining area is where you put to work the tables and chairs that you love.

When you are designing your areas, make sure you allow room for chairs to be pushed out and for service from your staff. Also remember that your patrons will be looking around them: scenery, the bar, any TV screens. For example, a bar height table in front of a screen with lower dining behind will restrict the view of the patrons in the dining area.

Tip 4: Furniture Materials

Different materials bring a different vibe. Timber looks add depth and warmth to a venue and greatly compliment any exposed brick or plastering you may have around. There are a variety of ways you can bring timber in – timber chairs, acacia table tops, Gentas Table Tops: Shesman, Rustic Blockwood, Rustic Dark Oak or Redden Wood, Craftsman Table and Bench or Craftsman Bar Table.

Similarly, upholstered seats also provide for a far warmer atmosphere for your guests. A great look is to pair the Elwood chair with the brilliant acacia wood table tops.

For a different look, polypeopylene chairs bring a cleaner, colder look to a restaurant. They are funky and modern, and provide clean lines throughout your restaurant. Maybe you’re after a splash of colour and our red Gozo chair would look great, or our green Capri chair. There are so many options with our polypropylene range, with many of the chairs having matching bar chairs and bar stools.

Another look you could go for is with the Metal chairs. Our metal chairs are predominantly UV stable and can therefore be used both indoor and outdoor. They are a colder look for a restaurant, however they look great in an industrial style paired with timber tables and brickwork in the background.

Are you looking for some help?

These options may seem overwhelming at first, but our team of furniture consultants have their finger on the pulse and know how to help you find your perfect restaurant furniture. Call us today so we can help you out!

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