A couple of laps around the sun hasn’t dimmed the brightness of this venue. With a brand new revamp of their interiors, Bird Rock Jan Juc is ready for great things. Located at 2 Princes Terrace in Torquay, Victoria, we would definitely recommend you add this venue to your bucket list.

The owner of Bird Rock was a return customer. Adage Furniture had previously helped him out with a couple of his other venues in Victoria. The owner originally planned to renovate his space and move on to focus on other ventures, however after the revamp was complete, he decided to stay on! Now doesn’t that speak volumes about the importance of new venue furniture and what it can do to bring your venue to life!

Our consultant visited the venue in Torquay to get a better understanding of the client’s needs and wants and to ensure that the furniture she suggested fit in with their design. The client had employed an interior designer to come up with the new design and our consultant worked in with them to ensure our furniture options were conducive to the look they were trying to achieve. The consultant also took samples with her to offer colours and see what furniture styles would suit best in the space and with the design already created.

To create a truly unique design, the client wanted a custom table top colour, therefore we had to order a table top in especially for him to try out in his space. The colour was correct and fit in with his plans, and therefore we were able to move forward with the custom table tops – which we think look fantastic!

The client also decided to upgrade his existing chairs and bar chairs and our Elwood chairs and Corio Bar Chairs fit the bill for what he was looking for. A slight complication was thrown into the mix when the client discovered that his existing built-in island bar table was too tall for his existing bar chairs. Therefore, to make his customers more comfortable and able to enjoy a better dining experience, he needed to find taller bar chairs. Fortunately, the bar chairs that we were able to provide were the right height.

As we were able to provide answer for their needs, the project moved forward and was delivered without problems. The client is a return customer and it was a pleasure working with him again to bring another of his visions to life.

“We have been working with Adage furniture through our multiple venues through the years, and have always come to the table (no pun intended) with quality products and great customer service, highly recommend!” – Bird Rock Google Review

The products used throughout the project include: