That’s what we like to hear – caffeine. Its great stuff, and Caffeine Trader knows how to do it best. Are you searching for the next best café? We would recommend Caffeine Trader located in Osborne Park, WA, at 16 Parkland Rd. The owner of this café should be proud to call this venue his, with the awesome vibes it radiates.

When the client first came to Adāge, they were looking for furniture for another venue they owned. Our furniture consultant went to visit his venue and provided a quote for the furniture that the client was looking at. Unfortunately, Adāge weren’t able to help the client out for this job, however, the client was impressed by the level of customer service he received and therefore this provided a segue into the current project.

A few months after the initial project was completed, the client took another venue in Osborne Park, and he needed furniture to fit out the venue. As Adāge Furniture had previously provided him with a level of customer service that he appreciated, he came direct to Adāge for this furniture Fitout.

The client made contact with the same consultant that had helped him out previously, and the consultant jumped straight onto his project. As with all our projects, our consultant visited the venue and took measurements of the space so that he could draw up a 2D floorplan.

Offered free with all our projects is our consultation process, which includes a site visit and a 2D floorplan drawing. These floorplans allow both the client and our consultant to get a better understanding of the capacity of the venue and how much furniture is needed to fill the venue without overcrowding it.

The furniture consultant also visited the venue with colour and furniture samples. This allowed the client to better visualise the furniture in his space and make more informed decisions. This process allowed the client to arrive at a furniture solution for his venue that spoke to his vision and created the atmosphere he was looking for.

The client also had an existing booth seat that was torn. Our consultant took the booth seat away and colour matched the material to get it reupholstered for the client. Whilst this did prove to be a challenge, we were able to provide a solution that the client was happy with, and the end product slipped in to the venue effortlessly.

This venue was a pleasure to fit out and we would recommend everyone to go enjoy a coffee here! When you do go, let us know what you think!

The products used throughout the project include: