When owner May Quach declared her dream of a French provincial design for her brand-new venue Joie Cafe Bistro, we jumped on board immediately. Who could resist bringing such a charming vision to life?

It all started with an inquiry on our website, followed by a phone call where May shared her concept with Anthony Hill, one of our team members. A thorough site visit enabled him to grasp the layout and design intricacies, allowing him to take measurements and introduce our 3D design service.

Despite Anthony only being with the company for 4 months, he showcased remarkable talent by designing stunning renders for May. These renders provided her with a fresh perspective, allowing her to envision the space from every angle.

3D Renders show project before it came to life.

As with any project, challenges arose. May initially wished for Fluted Booth seating, but it exceeded her budget. In response, Anthony proposed a creative solution: working with a cabinet maker to create custom seating that matched her counters, fulfilling both financial constraints and design preferences. The result was a beautiful solution that saved her a considerable amount of money.

Images show project progress before furniture was added.

Now, several months post-completion, Joie Cafe stands as a hidden gem, drawing in crowds seeking exceptional cuisine within a delightful French-inspired atmosphere.

Anthony was super helpful with planning and product suggestions. He did a great sketch-up of the space with my chosen furniture and that was very handy for me in making my final decisions – May

Working alongside May was a delight – or shall we say a Joie! Her satisfaction was the ultimate reward, a solid testament to collaboration, passion and adaptability.

The products used throughout the project include:

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