Ladies and Gentlemen, taking to the stage tonight is the one, the only, Malthouse Theatre, Southbank! And the crown goes wild!

Malthouse Theatre is a “venue home to innovation and live experiences that provoke and entertain”. The venue is home to rehearsal rooms, meeting spaces, the Box Office, café and a bar. Located at 113 Sturt St in Southbank, this venue is one of Melbourne’s most iconic venues.

The client came to Adāge for help with their outdoor courtyard area. They were looking for furniture suitable for this space that is frequently used for concerts and events. Previous to coming to Adāge, the Malthouse Theatre was hiring furniture for each event, however this was proving not to be viable and was too costly for the venue to maintain. This is where Adāge Furniture comes in!

To set our consultant on the right path, the client provided us with a budget to stick to and some product requirements they had. The chairs needed to be lightweight and stackable. The tables needed to be black and able to be folded for storage. These requirements were made to ensure that all the furniture could be packed up and stored when the area wasn’t in use or rearranged to accommodate audiences of differencing sizes.

Adāge Furniture was able to meet our client’s requirements and deliver chairs and tables from our commercial furniture range that ticked all the boxes and stayed within their budget. This venue looks amazing; we would recommend that you check out their next event and enjoy their venue to its fullest!

The products used throughout the project include:

“Having Adage Furniture providing the outdoor furniture for the Malthouse Theatre has been an amazing gift. We had a number of tricky requirements that Adage handle with grace and care. The whole process from conception to finalization was made a breeze, even with a difficult pandemic climate. They have been so incredibly accommodating and the after sales support has been second to none.  I cannot recommend highly enough Jessica, and all the staff at Adage.” – John Byrne, Malthouse Theatre