We all know San Churro, they’re a fan favourite. Passing on the Spanish Churro love, San Churro are a delicious franchise that bring happiness, a great menu, but most importantly, churros and chocolate to everyone they serve. Working in with the Mt Druitt San Churro team was a great experience for our consultant

If you’ve never heard of San Churro, you need to add their venues to your bucket list. Quoting straight from their website; “just like the traditional chocolaterias of Spain, San Churro is a destination for friends to come together and share a sweet moment. Where every amigo is welcome to celebrate life, the Spanish way.”

Working in with the team at the Mt Druitt venue was an experience that our consultant enjoyed. As the venue is a franchise, they already have a set design that is created by their own team of inhouse designers and project managers.

The client reached out to Adāge Furniture to see if we could help them out with fitting out their new venue in Mt Druitt. Adāge Furniture was given the site plan and their requirements, and our consultant pulled together a proposal to meet those requirements.

Alongside the proposal Adāge Furniture was able to provide an ETA on the furniture, as the client had a required date they were working towards.

Once the proposal was approved and signed off on by the head office, we were able to move forward with the project and discuss a delivery time that best suited the venue.

This is not our first San Churro project, and hopefully it won’t be our last!

The products used throughout the project include: