There’s a new kid in town, and we’re loving it! Based in Wollongong, Lux Bistro Bar is the cocktail bar to be envied. The venue embodies the owner’s passion for his industry, and it was an absolute pleasure for our consultant to help bring it to life.

In the words of the venue itself, “Lux is the perfect place to meet old friends, make new friends and enjoy each other’s company.” The bar offers “a library of local spirits, beers and wine ready to excite your taste buds… Your search for the best cocktail bar in Wollongong is over, enjoy your evening with Lux Bistro Bar.”

It’s a big call, but this bar really is the best cocktail bar in Wollongong. The two owners are very passionate about bringing the best food and drinks to the area, with their own cocktail creations and brilliant menu.

When the clients came to Adāge Furniture, they knew exactly what bar furniture they were looking for. They wanted to create a relaxed and cosy venue, whilst still maintaining the upper-class venue vibes. This meant bringing in some upholstered seating options to bring the sophistication and comfort they were looking for.

As the clients had already made up their mind as to the style they were looking for, our consultant moved straight on to sending them samples to try out in their venue area. The samples were left with the client to ensure that they were happy with the style and quality, as well as how the furniture looked in the area.

The clients were happy with the samples that were given to them – they appreciated the style and, more importantly, the quality that the chairs and tables presented. Choosing from the samples that they were given; we were able to move forward with the next stage of the project.

Originally, the clients had come to Adāge Furniture with a floorplan that had been created by the designer, however this floorplan didn’t allow for our consultant to easily work out how many tables and chairs would be needed to fill the venue to capacity without overflowing.

With many of our projects, our consultants visit the venue in the initial stages to take measurements and create a rough sketch. From this sketch and these measurements, they are then able to create a 2D floorplan of the venue. This floorplan includes any obstacles that may be scattered throughout the venue, such as pillars, and gives the consultant and the client a better idea of how many tables and chairs will be needed in the venue. Once the client is happy with the quantity that the consultant arrives at, the client can then decide about whether they are wanting to go ahead with the order or not.

After creating the floorplan and working out the quantities needed, our consultant pulled together a proposal for the owners of Lux Bistro Bar, which included the correct quantities of the chairs and tables that they had liked.

The proposal met the specifications of the client, which allowed us to move forward with the project and work out a delivery date that worked best.

We are loving the way this venue turned out, let us know what you think!

The products used throughout the project include: