Where do we start? Wheelers! The owners of this impressive venue wanted to create a space that was fun and different for the Werribee community – and they sure achieved it! We feel we’ve been so lucky that were able to help them fit it out.

“Teasing the taste buds while pleasing to the eyes, we bring you not just food and spirits but a lifestyle! Together with our lounge bar, food trucks and a massive events space, Wheelers Food Trucks & Bar has “Something for everyone”!”

The venue offers not only food and drinks, but also food trucks and an event space – perfect for that 21st you’ve been looking forward to! Located in Werribee, Victoria at 23 Synnot Street, this venue is a must visit.

The owners of the venue visited the Adāge showroom for a consult with one of our furniture sales consultants. When they arrived, one of our Melbourne team was able to help through the showroom and take down notes of what they were looking for, the budget they were sticking to and the timeline they were looking to stick to. After taking down their details, our consultant promised to visit the venue to take measurements and get a better understanding of the client’s vision.

Our sales consultant visited the venue in Werribee and took down measurements for the rooms and areas that the clients were looking to furnish. Taking down the measurements of the venue, our consultant was able to create a 2D sketch of the venue.

Adāge Furniture follows this process for all our projects that we undertake. This process allows our consultants to recommend an accurate quantity of chairs and tables that the venue would need. This plan accounts for flow and ensure that the venue is not overfilled, but rather filled to capacity.

Adāge presented the 2D floor plan to the client, which recommended a furniture layout that best utilised the space. The floor plan ticked the client’s boxes and the project was pushed forward. Opting for some of our stunning timber furniture, the owners of Wheelers pulled out all the stops to make this venue top of its game.

The products used throughout the project include: