Hailing from country WA, the founding brothers of Funk 2.0 have taken a childhood hobby and turned it into a craft. No pun intended. (Please, head to their website and read all about their amazing cider!)

Funk 2.0 is “described as a fermentation playground, visitors to funk 2.0 can discover a new-world approach to beer and cider. All creations are unpasteurised, as well as preservative, concentrate and sulphur-free, with no added sugar.”

The venue’s vibe matches the company’s vibrant products, and the client was looking for hospitality furniture to fit out their new indoor and outdoor spaces. As a side note, the bar sports WA’s longest beer tap! This venue really is a must see in WA: 38 Swan Street, Henley Brook.

Initially, contact was made with Adāge through a third-party designer. However, Funk then engaged with Adāge directly as they knew exactly what they wanted and needed in their new space.

As the customer knew exactly what they were looking for, this made the job of the consultant much easier – they simply had to supply!

Funk 2.0 needed furniture immediately for their new space as the Christmas holidays were approaching and they were looking to be operational for the festive season. As Adāge holds large stock quantities, we were able to deliver the client’s furniture in a time frame that suited Funk 2.0 and met their Christmas deadline.

Adāge delivered most of the furniture pre-assembled to allow for a quick set-up on the site. The furniture that they couldn’t deliver assembled, the Adāge team assembled onsite upon arrival.

This funk-y venue was up and running in time for the Christmas break and Adāge was able to fulfil the needs of the client.

The products used throughout the project include: